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The masterminds behind every show. Roc That! wouldn't be Roc That! without these tremendous individuals and their committees working long hours to ensure that every show is the best!

Douglas Baker
Founder & Host
Blake Nitko
Marketing Coordinator
Maria Nikolaou
Finance & Logistics Coordinator
Rio Henson
Events Producer & Coordinator

A native of Seattle, Doug Baker has a Bachelor's in Advertising Photography and has quite the theater background. From being involved in several major productions of Seattle Children's Theatre's Deaf Youth Drama Program to NTID's Performing Arts Theatre, Doug has a  theatric side to him.

Other than theater, Doug is vested in creating events, clubs, and organizations that entertain. He a part of the re-founding of Tiger Media, as well as founding a long tenured mini-series, Tiger's Next Top Model. He also helped bring ASL Slam to Denver, CO by hosting before returning to Rochester, NY where Roc That! was born and the rest is history.

Born in the heart of Pittsburgh, PA but forever a nomad at heart,  Blake has been involved in theater one way or another growing up, and loves letting his creative juices loose. He brings a vital element to the Roc That! team and keeps things exciting.


Wielding a Bachelor's degree in Advertising and Public Relations, Blake brings a number of years of experience in the marketing and creative fields and continues to try to catch the best moments of each show and make everyone feel involved by updating them on social media!​

Maria originates from the Land of Lincoln, the great state of Illinois and the city of Chicago. After studying and immersing herself into the culture at Rochester Institute of Technology, Maria discovered the beauty of sign language and embraces it. Although you will never see her on stage, she's a constant support behind the scenes.

Equipped with a Master of Business Administration - Accounting degree, she provides her depth of knowledge and vital experience into Roc That!'s financial growth while equally contributing back to the signing community. 

A Coloradoan by birth, but a Rochesteran by choice, Rio was motivated to join the team because she believes in the show and the need for fun in everyone’s lives. And now every month is an adventure!


Though school at RIT was a driving factor of her move to Rochester, Rio looks forward to the innovative brainstorming and collaboration of the RocThat! team, plus the exciting future in the world of ASL entertainment!

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